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We always have Campbell’s soup in our cabinets.  My husband and I like to try their new recipes and the classics like tomato and chicken noodle are go-to lunches for us especially now that the weather is changing.  My kids love chicken noodle which by the way has 32 feet of noodles in every can.  It’s hard to believe!  I think it would be a fun little math project to confirm this fact.  The length of a noodle in inches times the total number of noodles in the can divided by 12 should give you 32 feet.  It would be a great way to bring math to life for kids. Campbell’s soup is a classic and has been around for a long time.  My mother spent her preschool years in Camden, New Jersey in the 1940’s near where they used to make Campbell’s Condensed Soups.  She said her family always knew what kind of soup they were cooking by the smell in the air.  That must have been kind of fun.  “Smells like Vegetarian Vegetable this week!” I like to serve Chicken Noodle Soup with fresh fruit slices and unsalted crackers. If you ever get bored with the basic noodle shape Campbell’s also has alphabet chicken noodles and several other licences character noodle shapes like Toy Story and Scooby Doo which I know gets kids excited. Check out how they make Chicken & Stars!

I enjoy a a good commercial now and again.  Have you seen this one which features “The Wisest Kid in the World?”  It is pretty funny except if I danced like that for my kids they would love it!

Want to be a fun mom too?  Check out The Wisest Kid and click on “meal time fun” for ideas from Campbell’s.  I spotted an interesting recipe for Spiced Tomato Soup Cancakes so my husband and I ate grilled cheese and tomato soup like crazy all week to have enough cans.  I tried to get away with 5 but you really need 7 cans total.  I also changed the recipe slightly.  Instead of shortening I used half butter half vegetable oil.  Also I modifies the spices a little for my kids.  I upped the cinnamon and reduced the allspice and cloves.  For getting them out of the can I used the same technique as for freeing jellied cranberry sauce.  I slid a flat knife between the can and the cake then turned it up upside down and shook.  We all loved them.  If I was going to make them again I might reduce the sugar a little.  Also I would use cans that you open with a can opener (without that pesky peel off lip).

tomato soup cancakes

Campbell’s kitchen has tons of easy ideas for fast weeknight meals.  I am always looking for something to do with chicken.  Here are a few recipes I want to try…

It drives me crazy sometimes that kids of a certain age think they are smarter than us parents.  TV shows and ads reinforce this but I must admit sometimes my kids do outsmart me and they still have traces of that “wisdom” people are born with but tend to lose as they grow up.  Do you keep track of the fun, funny, and/or wise things your kids say?  Why not share these gems with Campbell’s Wisest Kid (click on wisdom). Need to stock up on some soup?  Check out Campbell’s Saving Center for coupons first. I gotta run, soups on!


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  1. Wow, 32 feet of noodles. We actually just discovered the chicken gumbo soup. My hubby just said – taste this – and I was like – yumn! I thought he had bought it out. It’s spicy and hearty. I don’t typically like chicken noodle, but I loved loved loved this! YUM. Not sodium filled either.


    The can cakes look awesome!
    Lisa Nelson recently posted..Mommy Monday Blog Hop – Week 15My Profile

    • Thanks for the suggestion. Low sodium is smart. I like the full sodium but then I try and stick to low salt for the other meals of the day.

  2. I learn something new everyday! Had no idea about the 32 ft worth of noodles, can’t wait to quiz hubby tonight. We love soup and grilled cheese sammies (I love mine with bacon!). I also have to have oysterettes on top of my tomato soup (since I was a kid!) I use campbell’s for a lot of casseroles and recipes. It was one of the last foods my late hubby could eat when he was ill, and it had a lot of vitamins for him. I will always be thankful for them for that.

    • Aww, that is so sad.
      I like the creamy soups for casseroles too. I use the cream of celery soup to made a vegetarian pot pie for my brother in law.

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