Noisy Frogs


I have noisy frogs in my neighborhood.  

night noises

I have never seen them, only heard them.

quack quack

For a long time I thought I was hearing quacks.

frog bus

We live more than a mile away from a pond and tadpoles need water. Do they have a shuttle bus?

night tree

Spring, summer, and fall they croak all night.  Hey frogs, we are trying to sleep you know!

The End

Now, how about making some jumping origami frogs!  Here are the instructions I followed.  Then head on over to learn about frogs at Brain Pop!

* * *

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    • I read that they can use small pools in hollow trees etc. Although it doesn’t seem like me have many/any of those either.

  1. I love frogs! This is so cute, I wish we had frogs in our neighborhood! When my kids were little we would catch them and keep them a day or two to observe, the frogs probably did NOT appreciate this however. Thanks for taking the time to link up to the Homeschool Linky Party Week 5!

    • Thanks for stopping by Keisha! I remember finding toads when I was a kid but these frogs are so well hidden.

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