Halloween at the Zoo


Wolves in packs 


Orange and blacks

scarlet king snake

A snake’s disguise

raccoon mask

And raccoon eyes


Owl will appear


And fangs to fear

tasmanian devil

Devils attend

black widow

Spiders descend


Pacing cats


And hangin’ bats

The End

The snake in this story is a Scarlet King Snake which looks a lot like the Eastern Coral Snake which is venomous.  This disguise provides protections from potential predators.


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    • You know I tried publishing Doodles and Jots for Tots on Amazon and the formatting was wonky. I wonder if it has gotten better for picture books. Even if they just took PDFs. Definitely looking into it!

      Isn’t that interesting! We learned that at a snake presentation at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.

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