Winter Survival Tips for Moms


It was COLD today! I think our beautiful fall has come and gone and I am now feeling the desire to hibernate. For half the year I am either curled up in bed under the blankets or wishing I was. Cape Cod winters are a little more mild than inland but what we lack in frigid we make up for in desolate. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t find winter depressing. It can be beautiful. It is just a little harder to enjoy that beauty when you can’t feel your toes.  

So without further ado…

  • When going outside for more than 3 minutes bundle yourself as you bundle your kids. Warm moms are happy moms. Don’t have warm mom gear? Wear dad’s or layer, layer, layer. Think The Man Who Wore All His Clothes.
  • Look for indoor activities that get you out of the house; we spend lots of time at the library and when we have worn out our welcome we travel to neighboring libraries.
  • Clean your slider or picture window and set up a nice viewing area. When it is too cold you can sit and enjoy the view. We set up a bird feeder last winter and got a lot of enjoyment watching those squirrels.
  • Hibernate and make no apologies. Snuggle, read, family time, what is wrong with any of that?!
  • Have fun at home with board games. My kids enjoy board games although they are not crazy about winners and losers. For that reason our favorite is still Orchard.

Now for the lightning round…  

  • Freeze dance or obstacle course
  • Soups, stews and baking cookies
  • Hot beverages
  • Rearrange your living room furniture
  • Take a sunny day drive

How do you make it through winter with kids? Please share your tips!


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    • I love when kids are finally old enough to play in the yard while we watch from inside. Although my kids don’t stay out long they get cold fast even though I bundle them.

  1. Love the bears! It was freezing here last week and over the weekend, it hasn’t been too bad. We are currently scrabbling around for long trousers that fit! Long legged boys are not easy to shop for.
    Lots of games and art projects and building bases for tiny soldiers are some of our cold weather favourites.
    Clare recently posted..Six word SaturdayMy Profile

  2. Thank you for this. I just moved to north Idaho from California, where I had been my whole life. Like tourists in our new home town, we are looking forward to winter, while my neighbors act like the knell of doom is striking. I’m sure they’re right, and my excitement is misplaced, but at least I have some great ideas to keep us close and busy.

    I love your art work. It is simple and optimistic.

    • Glad you like my art. Winters are hard but I don’t want to just wish them away, you know? Thanks for stopping by Tracey!

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