November Plans

wear a sheet

Illustration from Trick or Treat, 2012

I have always wanted to make picture books but could never quite get started. Procrastination fueled by lack of confidants is probably why.

For a while now I have been entertaining myself and my blogger friends with my illustrated stories. Over time my skills and have improved along with my confidence. But even still I haven’t made any specific progress on creating a picture book to submit to agents and/or publishers. I still want to figure out how to attract moms to my site for story time but I am going to put that on hold for now.


I am participating in PiBoIdMo starting tomorrow. What is it? Come up with thirty picture book ideas in as many days fueled by daily inspiration from Tara Lazar and her impressive list of guest posters. She said not to share our ideas. She also said while there are exceptions publishers will not consider publishing something already out there.

I plan to keep these ideas to myself even though I don’t like to keep secrets and even though I have no patience when it comes to creativity. This is my goal. Thirty ideas I keep to myself. I may be working on illustrated stories but I won’t be sharing them at least not until I reach my larger goal of 30 ideas and a manuscript draft. To complete PiBoIdMo you must have thirty ideas but there are prizes too like manuscript critiques so I should have something ready just in case I win one of those!

Honestly I don’t know what I will be posting in November. I don’t think the ideas will take a huge amount of time but there is the manuscript plus I have a work trip this month. I will probably post to my observational I Spy series and maybe some posts about my process.

* * *

Happy Halloween Everyone! We live in a great neighborhood for trick or treating. There is also a fantastic haunted house but my kids say they don’t want to go this year because it it too scary. What are your plans? Please share!

And if PiBoIdMo sounds like fun to you too, why not sign up, there is still time!


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  1. I would love to see some posts about your process. Your graphic style is really lovely. White space is making a huge comeback in picture books.
    In my opinion, your idea of blogging stories is unique and charming. Experts agree the way to attract people to your blog is to give stuff away or to promote other people’s stuff. If you are serious about getting published traditionally, save those ideas you want to sell for editors eyes. However, I think if you show an understanding of storytelling and illustration in your “free” posts, it is going to get you noticed, or at the least, show editors what they can expect when they sign you up.
    Best wishes for a successful PiBoIdMo!

    • You totally should! Join officially. It really doesn’t need to be a giant commitment plus you are eligible for some nice prizes included signed books.

    • Yes, I need goals. I am finding short 1 month goals to be very achievable for me (versus long term goals).

    • Hopefully they will all be so good that I won’t share them until they are glossy new picture books : )
      I have that lucky rock in my back pocket ; )

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