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Idea Book Printable

Idea Book Printable

As I mentioned yesterday I am participating in PiBoIdMo and it starts today!

Yippee! The challenge is to come up with 30 picture book ideas this month (you can still sign up here). There are lots of ways to record your ideas. The preferred method seems to be a special notebook but Marie Colleen used index cards her first year and this years she is using a tack board. I think I subconsciously have a hard time writing in anything too special. I do like the idea of a notebook and being a DIY kind of a gal I decided to create my own and share it as a printable. Feel free to grab it if you are participating in PiBoIdMo or use it for blog ideas or whatever! I tried to keep it somewhat generic.

Print out page 1 of the following PDF: PiBoIdMo Printable on card stock then print out 16 copies of page two with regular copy paper. In preferences select actual size, double sided, and flip short edge on regular copy paper (this will make 8 double-sided sheets). That is 30 ideas with 2 to spare! Then fold the stack in half and staple.

And don’t forget to illustrate the cover!


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