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I have recorded 5 picture book ideas so far in my idea book for PiBoIdMo. I love the inspiration I am getting from Tara Lazar and her guest writers. On November first we were challenged to come up with compelling book titles to inspire story ideas. On day two, think of character and setting separately for 30 X 30 ideas. Greg Pizzoli inspired readers with a personal story about how through creating something personal he created something new, fresh and highly marketable. And see yesterday’s infographic with 30 idea generating techniques. 

My favorite ideas come from serendipity. This morning on the way to school I saw a rusty bicycle chain in the street which made me think of an idea.

Techniques are helpful though. 30 ideas in a month is a lot especially went you want your ideas to be marketable and appeal to a wide range of parents and kids. Publishers probably don’t want to print picture books that will only sell 5 copies (to the author and her relatives). The ideas have to of course be original too.

Participating in PiBoIdMo as I mentioned will hopefully help me meet my publishing goal but on a micro level I think it will help me strengthen my creative muscles. Also ideas make me happy so that’s 30 additional moments of happiness this November. And of course maybe out of the 30 there will be a great one. One that’s worth pursuing.

I have been thinking a lot about myself and how I work.  I really admire natural storytellers but definitely do not consider myself one of them. My desire to write and illustrate picture books comes from a urge to make something, my love of the picture book art form, and my curiosity to learn and share. When I was younger I loved to draw and wanted to be an illustrator. Writing too allows me to direct the show which is so fun for me since in “real life” I am generally less comfortable in a leadership position.

Interested? There is still a couple more days to sign up for PiBoIdMo. Learn more here.


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  1. I love your insight here on directing the show in your work and not embracing leadership roles in your “real life” because I am the same way, but never actually thought about it.

    I’ve got your book and I am working on my ideas! I have a lot of ideas and it’s nice to have a place to record them and maybe do a quick sketch. I’m having trouble keeping up with the rest of PiBoldMo, but I guess small steps are better than no steps, right? I am having a good time reading about the progress people are making. It’s inspiring and exciting to be in the middle of creative flurry, isn’t it?
    Lily from It’s A Dome Life recently posted..Spring Cleaning In The FallMy Profile

    • Sounds like you are keeping up just fine. So glad you are doing it with me : )
      Also wonder how many bloggers are not leaders types too.

  2. Ann, your endless curiosity and wonder is one of the things that draws me to your blog and illustrations. I think it’s also what makes you the ideal person to make books that appeal to kids and their parents. So glad you’re getting a chance to further empower your creative skills this month!!

    • I have read that before too! I also heard publishers like when you have an established blog too. Check and check!

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