Perfect Pile of Red

red leaf pile

There are lots of Japanese Maples on our street but one in particular that stands out for being especially red. Even now as its leaves are falling, they are still as vibrant as ever. The tree’s owner was out raking this morning. I thought about getting out of my car to admire it and say something like I love your red pile.

If you have something nice to say you should always say it, right?


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  1. I often stop myself from awkwardly complimenting people in situations like this – I just think they’ll think I’m too weird (of course, they would be correct…). But maybe I should stop worrying about how I feel and go ahead and tell them the nice thing I’m thinking.

    • Mostly gone now here. I was just noticing, not sure if it is just one type of oak, but lots of oak trees here keep there brown leaves all winter long.

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