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I realized recently that I have written more in the last two years blogging (even though my posts are usually short) than probably ever in my life. Along the way I have discovered some amazing things about writing… 

  • Writing has the ability to help you remember the past.  If I just sit here and think about my childhood I get a snapshot here and there but the few times I have written about it (like in this post about when I was 5 or this post about a family trip to Ireland), I have been amazed at the detail that comes out!
  • Daily writing can jog your memory.  I have often referred back to an old blog posts or my old notebooks full of lists to help me remember when I did something or when something happened. It always makes me wish I kept a real diary!
  • Of course I have always known that writing has the ability to organize thoughts but I have also discovered that writing can actually help to solidify them too. So often I’ve written something and after reading it decided to change it to reflects what I have evolved (during the process of writing) to want to say. I think this happens because writing helps prioritize your thoughts and in doing so enable you to see the bigger picture and how the points work together. So in that way writing can be a process of developing an idea or point of view.

Writing can really be an extension of your brain. Writing makes your brain bigger. Blogging has got me writing (nearly) everyday and I am really happy about that. So welcome to my brain everyone!


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  1. Nice brain! I agree, writing is an amazing tool. Do you write daily? In a notebook, old school or on the pooter? I don’t write daily in a notebook, but I want to, maybe that should be a new year thing for me…
    I keep a Moleskine day per page diary for the kids every year and I love to look through and see what we were doing on a certain day or what someone got for a birthday in 2009! I have a terrible memory, so having it all on paper is a great thing. It is not deep and meaningful ‘Dear Diary’ stuff, more what we did, what we read type things.
    Happy Thanksgiving x
    Clare recently posted..Catseatdogs new bracelet. Testing testing.My Profile

    • That is so nice you keep a journal for your kids! I have a notebook that I write in but it is so disorganized. I write most of my post right in WordPress. I wonder what everyone else does.

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