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I have always been a big Disney fan. I think it was the Snow White theater re-release in 1975 (when I was 5) that got me hooked. And I believe there is a cassette tape somewhere of me singing “Some Day My Prince Will Come” over and over. Then when I was about 8 and really starting to be interested in art I set my sights on working for Disney some day. I loved the description in our Golden Books Encyclopedia of how they brought in real animals for the animators to draw from!

Needless to say I do not have an overly critical eye when it comes to Disney animated movies but trust me, Frozen is great! It is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, VERY loosely. There is a Snow Queen but she is not REALLY the villain in the story. Elsa is born with the ability to create ice which she has a hard time controlling. After an accident involving her sister she is force to hide her ability. After her parent’s are lost at sea her powers are exposed during her coronation and she runs off and isolates herself in a beautiful ice palace of her creation. Meanwhile the kingdom of Arendelle is left in an eternal winter. Her sister, Princess Anna, with the help of Krostoff, an ice harvester with a sleigh, set off to find Elsa. Along the way they meet up with an entertaining little snowman and sing lots of songs.

I love lots of animated movies but I must admit I usually end up zoning out at some point. But with Frozen I stuck with it the whole way through. I enjoyed the story line and the characters.

My husband was not as crazy about it. He felt a little gypped by the advertisements featuring the entertaining little snowman. He didn’t know it was going to be a junior chick-flick. Too much singing, he said.

My favorite part was at the end when… Just kidding, no spoiler alert but if you are kind of over the “true love’s kiss” thing you’re going to like the ending too!

Free Snow Queen Download

Want to compare Disney’s Frozen to the original Snow Queen story? Grab this free Kindle edition of “Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen” here. There are no illustrations in this version so you will just have to use your imagination!

Make your own frozen magic!

We submerged plastic play dough cookie cutters in a dish and put it in the freezer. I think it helps to use standing water rather than water right out of the tap to reduce air bubbles. Once frozen, we removed the dish from the freezer and let stand a few minutes until we could lift out the ice. Then we carefully separated the ice shapes from the cookie cutters which made our fingers very cold!  Then we played with our royal ice pieces until our warm hearts melted them away.

* * *

P.S. For anyone following along, I finish PiBoIdMo with 30 ideas! Yay!!! That is 30 picture book ideas during the month of November with daily inspiration from Tara Lazar (author of The Monstore) and her guest writers.


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    • Thanks!
      I really did enjoy it.
      Sometimes though it really is all about expectations. I hadn’t seen the trailer so I had no expectations.

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