Moth of December

Moth of December

I Spy Moths

Lately it has been exceptionally warm for December. Warm and wet. Ever notice how it doesn’t take long for the bugs to come back when it warms up? I saw an ant in my kitchen, there was a fruit fly at karate, and on the way home from the grocery store last night there were too many moths to count! I actually thought I was driving through a moth block party but then every block was the same. I probably saw a hundred moths lit up by my headlights. I think every moth on Cape Cod was out partying in the streets last night! Maybe it was a moth holiday.



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    • My daughter gets so creeped out by spiders and I don’t like to kill them. It is dad to the rescue in these situations.

  1. The weather seems very odd in the US at the moment – cold in normally warm parts and warm in normally cold parts!

    My kids enjoyed trying to get rid of a moth up on our 12′ ceilings yesterday. And a moth flew out of my son’s shorts as I took them off the clothesline this morning. But I’ve never seen them as thick as you described!

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