Peppermint Sticks

peppermint stick craft

Easy Christmas Tree Ornaments with Craft Sticks

I still have plenty of jumbo craft sticks or tongue depressors and room on my tree for more ornaments so I decided to make some peppermint sticks. These ornaments are even easier to make than the scarves! In addition to the craft sticks all you need is some white paint or gesso, curling ribbon, scotch tape, and hot glue. First give the sticks a coat of white paint. This time of year, paint dries really fast in my house! Then cut a 24 inch length of ribbon and fold in half. To make the hanging loop measure down from the fold about an inch and a half and anchor the ribbon at an angle to the top of the craft stick with scotch tape. Then continue wrapping the two ends of the ribbon down and around the craft stick. When you get to the bottom tack it with another piece of scotch tape. Lift the tape slightly on the top and bottom to add a couple dots of hot glue. Once the hot glue has cooled you can remove the tape.  Have you noticed you can get peppermint sticks in lots of colors now? You can try adding contrasting colors with thinner ribbon. I didn’t have thinner ribbon so to make mine by snipping the end of a length of ribbon and peeling.

Are you running out of time for all your big holiday plans? I know I am! You can set your kids up to do this craft by themselves and leave the hot glue for later while you run off to finish wrapping or baking or whatever else.

This craft would also pair nicely with this sweet board book by Kevin Henkes!

* * *

I have one more jumbo craft stick ornament planned. One inspired by miniature skaters in a window display I saw last week. I hope I get to it because it was my favorite idea! There are still some gifts I need to get and I have a handmade gift planned for each of my kids. I get so many nice ones from them, I thought I would return the favor. My son loves gingerbread man stories so I was planning to make a felt version for him and for my daughter I wanted to make her a book of shape templates to use with her shape blocks. I thought these would make nice printable posts to share here as well. I hope I get to them but Christmas is less than a week away!

How about you? What do you still have to/want to do before Christmas? Please share!



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