Wrapping Paper Tube Xylophone

Easy DIY Xylophone

Easy DIY Xylophone

I thought I had enough wrapping paper having bought 3 tubes but I still ran out and had to get more. It seems like they put less and less paper on those tubes every year! As I was putting everything away I noticed those tubes have a nice acoustic quality so I thought I would turn them into a xylophone. My method was super easy and my kids had lots of fun making music so run out to that recycle bin and rescue those tubes! 

I had 4 tubes. 3 that were 30 inches and 1 that was 40 inches so I was able to make a 7 note xylophone. The first tube is 30 inches, and each one after that is 4 inches shorter. I cut them with a craft knife and strung them together with yarn through holes made with a hole punch. Then I knotted a loop on each end of the yarn and hung it from 2 chairs.

So easy!

We had a great Christmas. My sister and her son joined us for rib roast (which was so good and so easy!), 3 kinds of pie (thank you Kris!), Elf, and Fiddler on the Roof. My kids loved everything they got except for the Furby Booms which slipped into “evil mode” from overfeeding and freaked them out. Somehow this toy took hold of their imaginations and my kids seriously couldn’t sleep until they were out of our house forever. Very stange.

How was your Christmas? Please share!


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  1. There is something wrong about Furbies, I think. I’ve heard so many stories like the one you told…

    We had a great Christmas! Brisket in our outdoor wood fired oven, and Jesus’ birthday cake was chocolate almond with coconut buttercream frosting and M&Ms. :) Lots of books and the kids love their new pajamas.

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