Printable 2014 Calendar

A Year with Happy House

printable 2014 calendar

I rely on my online calendar to not forget appointments. I love that it syncs with my phone and the reminders are key. I remember one time I was shopping right before a holiday and completely forgot about my weekly work call. I got a popup reminder on my phone and quickly made a call to the meeting organizer to see it we were still on. She had forgotten too! We are also setting up a family calendar this year which we really need now that my husband and I are both self employed with varied schedules and the kids are getting older and have more activities. Even though I rely on an online calendar it don’t do the whole job for me. I still like a paper calendar. I like to be able to look at several months at one. I am a visual person and all those boxes represent time chunks to me. I also like to underline, circle, star, and add different colored boxes around events, appointments etc. I know you can usually color code online appointments and add icons but it is just not as visual. So I keep a paper calendar too that I glance at in the morning.

I usually end up with a free calendar but that somehow didn’t happen this year. My daughter made herself a nice one with Calendar Lab but I think only a Doodles and Jots calendar with do for me this year! Are you in need of one too? Grab my free printable here: Happy House Calendar 2014

The official 2014 Doodles ad Jots calendar includes…

  • illustrations: spend this year with the happy house and see how it changes with the seasons.
  • a section for notes, to do’s or goals
  • lightly ruled boxes to help keep entries tidy
  • United States holidays (plus a few Christian and Hallmark ones), seasons, moon phases (outline circle is new moon), and a few fun birthdays

Also instead of stapling I am planning to use a binder clip so I can lay out a few pages and more easily see multiple months at once.

Here’s to a productive year with very few (if any) missed appointments or schedule conflicts!


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  1. How fun to imagine you doodling through the year on your Doodles and Jots calendar!

    We get a year-at-a-glance magnetic calendar from a local real estate agent. I just trim his head and contact details off and I’m set. 😉

    • That’s funny! We actually became friend with our realtor. He is such a nice guy. He sends us “honey do” notepads that I use for shopping lists.

    • Thanks Jeanette.
      It would be ideal to just have one, so much less redundant, technology is just not there yet for me.

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