Village Printable for Blocks

Village Blocks Printable

I ended up going a little crazy again this Christmas. I always say I won’t but then I get a little worried there won’t be enough under the tree. And I always forget about all the gifts from relatives. My kids got so much stuff! Oh well, they are only kids for such a short time and it makes for a few really fun days. Even with all they got they still ended up playing with the blocks during Christmas vacation. Blocks are a play staple. If I was ever going to start a charity it would be to supply every child in the world with a set of blocks. I dare say I think they are even more important than books. My kids play with the same set my step kids played with years ago and I am sure a few pieces are missing by now. My son’s birthday is in January so I may decide to add to our dwindling set.

I was thinking of getting him a set of these Archiquest Cardboard Blocks too.

They have cardboard blocks at our library and he loves to play with those plus he love castles.

I also included some other nice set in this post about why I love blocks so much.

Printable Stickers for Wooden Blocks

Blocks are like a blank canvas for play. Many construction sets are printed with patterns or architectural elements but somehow they can seem to limit the play value of a set. Maybe printed elements would be fun as a temporary addition. That is why I created this printable! Print out the following PDF: village blocks printable on repositionable sticker paper, cut them out, and stick them to your blocks. I made them for our set which seem like a pretty standard size. I hope! If they don’t fit your blocks you can try scaling the printable up or down or creating your own.

My kids had lots of fun playing with them this morning! If you like this idea too please help me spread the word by sharing on Pinterest, etc. If it is popular I may make more sets. Animals maybe? If there is a set you would like to see let me know!



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    • I have done that before too. Now everything goes in the basement util I am absolutely certain I won’t need it again. I still have all my maternity clothes and baby things. Although I am probably too old, you never know : )

  1. Hi Ann this is what I have been searching for to upcycle our existing blocks. I was hoping someone would sell a printable on etsy on themes such as castles, or town, or traffic signs or zoo so that we could stretch the viability of our plain looking colored blocks and have playscapes to work with our existing figurines and peg dolls. So if u are planning to design more for sale i would certainly look forward to them… Thanks !

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