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The Lego Movie Review

Review of The Lego Movie

My son loves his Legos. My husband has said he doesn’t get it (about Lego). I know what he means. The assorted sets make sense. You can just build what you want like, like regular blocks, but most sets comes with blocks and instructions for building one thing which is very un-block-like. It’s much more like model building. My son doesn’t have these hang ups. He gets a set, builds a set (or watches me build it), plays with it for a while, then at some point it gets broken down and added to his tub from where he builds his own most fantastical creations usually on a space ship base (see some of his creations in my collage).

Last night we went to see The Lego Movie and one of the primary themes in it was building with instructions versus building with your imagination and how each has value in different ways. 

It is hard to know where to begin to summarize this movie. There is so much going on and it all happens so fast. I just kept thinking throughout how did they make this movie?! The animation has a stop motion look. The cast of characters is a diverse group of Lego guys with voices of some big stars including Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, and Liam Neeson. Emmet, a happy construction worker who’s favorite song is the upbeat Everything is Awesome happens to find something called the Piece of Resistance beneath the construction site where he works and gets involved with Wyldstyle, her boyfriend Batman, and a larger group of Master Buildings out to stop Lord Business from using a super weapon called Kragle (one of several “relics” from the people world mispronounce by the Lego guys). Master Builders are creative and can build anything with Lego bricks even without instructions. Lord Business is trying to capture all these Master Builders since they are the biggest threat to his plot to control the Lego world. Is Emmet up to the challenge? You’ll have to see the movie!

Our whole family can’t wait to see The Lego Movie again. The action and humor was so fast paced we just couldn’t appreciate it all in one viewing. My son said it was his favorite movie ever! His favorite part was at the very end when we found out what will threaten Lego world next…

Did you love The Lego Movie too? Proclaim your love by handing out these Valentines (under printables) from the official movie site. Also Lego has a bunch of new sets to go with the movie. Super Cycle Chase and Cloud Cockoo Palace are on my kids’ wish list. But will they follow the instruction? We will have to wait and see!


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