Upcycle BIG Blocks

milk carton blocks

This little penguin just loves the fort we built for him! And before you think I am a total coffee addict, it’s not just me, my husband is too. I have been saving these cartons for a while though. When we finish one I add a little hot water, shake, and leave the cap off to dry. Once it is dry, I add it to a shopping bag in my broom closet. After doing this for a while my collection of building blocks has grown and I have gotten to see just much money and calories I am wasting on half and half!

How about you? Do you have an addiction with packaging you could upcycle?


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  1. I don’t have a spot to save packages, but I do find it inconvenient that neither yogurt nor sour cream containers are accepted by our city’s recycling service. We eat a lot of both, though making our own yogurt cuts down on packaging significantly.

    • How do you make homemade yogurt. My daughter would love that.
      The cartons can’t be recycled either.

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