Forming Questions on the Beach

Questions on the Beach

Here’s a fun activity. Grab a basket and head to the beach or forest or other natural environment near by and collect treasures. Collect things you are curious about and bring them home to observe further, draw from, and research online and/or at the library. Here are some thing I found recently at the beach. I identified them with help from all our visits to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. I added some of the questions I had.

Turns out the tiny holes on the slipper snail were probably caused by the red boring sponge and may have led to the snails demise. I discovered the razor clam’s shape helps it travel faster through the sand to escape danger. I also read that the flatter shell with the hole on top is the back of a jingle shell and that it is not convex like the front so it can attach to rocks and other shells like the slipper snail does. I wonder why they need a second shell if they attach to surfaces.

Here is a nice little book if you want to learn more about shells…

Seashells: Treasures from the Northeast Coast by Joanne Roach-Evans

I have not answered all my questions (yet anyway) but this was a lot of fun! Let me warn you though, answers questions usually precipitate more questions!


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    • I only read that it takes years.
      The Moon Snail is more evil than the sponge. It drills holes into clams and sucks them out!

    • I think so too. I also love having Google, Wikipedia, and image search. It is so great to be able to look thing up right away.

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