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Best Picture Books with Low Word Counts

Less is More Stories

Are you a more is less kind of person? Is it hard for you to find the energy for bedtime stories? Do you discreetly flip through your stack of books looking for the least amount of words? Or maybe your kids have a short attention span. Well then this book list is for you! I have gathered some of our favorite books with low word counts that all tell a story. 

Less is More Stories

YO! YES? written and illustrated by Chris Raschka
Follow along as a playground friendship develops through this one word per page conversation. Chris Raschka is a brilliant illustrator/author with many other excellent books and you will be amazed at how much is said in this 34 word book.

HIGHER! HIGHER! written and illustrated by Leslie Patricelli
This book is about how high a swing can go if you use your imagination. This book is funny and the predictable repeating words make kid want to read and you can just sit back and turn the pages.

ORANGE PEAR APPLE BEAR written and illustrated by Emily Gravett
Arranged in a variety of ways, five words carry this playful poetic story about a bear eating fruit. A couple more books by Emily Gravett we love are SPELLS and THE ODD EGG I posted about here and here.

WHAT IF? written and illustrated by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
A simple two word question accompanies a painterly illustration of a boy kicking a ball into the ocean. In this story a boy imagines different scenarios involving his beach ball and three seals. A couple favorite concept books by Laura Vaccaro Seeger are FIRST THE EGG and GREEN.

RED HAT written and illustrated by Lita Judge
A follow up to RED SLED, where some animals get hold of a child’s red hat and have an adventure. Read the sound effects that complement the entertaining illustration.

BALL written and illustrated by Mary Sullivan
This fun book about a dog and his beloved ball is written in comic book style. This dog really has a one track mind! In it the word ball repeats with different punctuation. Easy read!

If you like these books and want more, head to the library with a list of these authors’ names in hand!


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