Blooming Flower Craft

Blooming Flower Craft

Do you enjoy watching flowers bloom? Do you wish you could see it happening within a few seconds instead of hours or days? Are you an older child or a grown up with lots of patience? Well then do I have a craft for you! 

What you’ll need…

  • Yellow card stock (it is handy to have multicolored card stock; here is a pack from Amazon)
  • Non-flexible drinking straw
  • Orange and green markers
  • 6, 12 inch lengths of thread (I used yellow thread but invisible thread would be nicer)
  • Small button that won’t fit through straw
  • A toothpick

Here’s how…

  1. Print out the following PDF on yellow card stock: blooming flower template
  2. Next cut out the flower shape (including the hole for straw), fringe (for inner pedals), and leaves
  3. Color the fronts and backs of the leaves green and the front and back of the fringe orange
  4. Wrap fringe around the top of straw and tape (the straw should stick out the top of fringe a little)
  5. Add curvature  to the fringe by wrapping each piece of fringe around toothpick
  6. Next fold the flower pedals along the dashed line, reopen, and add slight curvature to each pedal by wrapping around a thick marker
  7. Add the yellow pedals to the straw and and tape to hold in place
  8. Thread the 6 lengths of thread through the button and knot
  9. Thread the loose ends of thread up through the bottom of straw (this is a little tricky, I used a pipe cleaner to push them through)
  10. Now tape each thread end to each of the pedal points
  11. Finally add curvature to leaves by wrapping them around marker then tape them to the straw

To close flower pull on button and to open flower let go!


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