I spy a woodpile. Woodpiles are one of those things I just like. I think because they appeal to my appreciation for order. I like things made tidy. Termites probably like them too.


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  1. I don’t think the termites like any air pockets between pieces of wood. For some reason they don’t bother my wood pile but they do enjoy the half wine-barrels I have sitting on the ground. The pest guy said if I had them up on bricks they would be fine, but in the diet they are fair game. Yummy!

  2. Ok.. I meant to say “in the dirt” not “in the diet”. Hazards of commenting on my phone! :) Then my corrections got truncated and I had to pull my laptop out to write more than a few letters at a time. The comment form on my phone jumps around and has popups, which makes it more like a video game than a typing exercise.

    • Oh no what a pain! Sorry about that! I have a stump in the front of my house that is a habitat to all sorts of bugs and chickadees too.

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