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I thought it would be a good time to post a health update. About a year and a half ago I started developing scary symptoms. They include but have not been limited to left side and facial weakness, reduced coordination, postural tremor, twitching, stiffness, pins and needles, muscle burn, and numbness. Over time some things have become difficult to do like brushing my daughter’s hair and washing dishes. I also feel like my son might knock me over when he comes running towards me. Over the last year and a half I have done extensive research, seen several doctors, and had many test. It has been scary at times, frustrating, and character building. 

This week I moved a step closer to a diagnosis. I read that you can test for Parkinson’s Disease by taking a trial of medicine for it. I saw a new neurologist this past Monday and he give me a trial of Sinement. I like this new doctor because he agreed with me that not knowing is the hardest part. It might sound weird but I couldn’t wait to try it. I know it sounds weird to my mother. But you see, whatever it is I already have it and I want to start treating it. Maybe if I could ignore it I might choose denial but my symptoms are impossible to ignore. They are so annoying!

I took my first dose and I started feeling different about 30 minutes later. I didn’t feel stiff when I stood up. My left side weakness went away. My hands became more coordinated. I feel more balanced. I felt more at peace. I do not feel cured but I am significantly improved.

I don’t think this proves I have PD but it is one step closer. Part of me is happy about it. The part that just wants to know what is wrong and the part that is enjoying feeling better but there is of course a part that isn’t happy about it. The part that doesn’t want an “old person’s disease”, the part that remembers how my grandmother suffered in her final stages of Parkinson’s Disease, and the part that sympathizes with my mother. I know I would be devastated if my child got sick. I just keep coming back to the idea that everyone has to deal with something. Overall I have been pretty lucky.


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  1. I know how you feel. Knowing is so much better, even if you don’t like the answer.
    So happy to hear you are more at peace and the medicine is making you feel better (and that you found a doctor that is helping you!).

    • That sums it up and thanks!
      Having the right doctor/s makes all the difference. I left far too many appointments in tears feeling misunderstood.

  2. Thank you for the update and for sharing the spectrum of feelings you’re having as you and your family grapple with this new information and next step, Ann. It must be so hard and scary but also such a relief to finally have a doctor who is helping you find answers and access treatment that gives you some relief from the symptoms. I’m inspired by your courage, determination and the gratitude and positive thinking that pervades your outlook through everything. Stay strong…love you. Nicole

    • Thanks Nixie. It is nice to have such supportive friends. It helps me work through it to write about.

  3. Wow, 30 minutes! That seems quick… especially since it took so long to get a doctor who understands and is willing to let you try an experiment. I’m glad you’ve got some positive results from your trial and pray that you continue to be encouraged on your journey.

    • Well I guess I don’t have classic symptoms so it wouldn’t have been obvious to any doctor I think. I also don’t feel 100% sure this is the answer. I am only a week into a 60 day trial. It feels like progress though. Thanks Elisa.

    • Sorry to hear about your dad. You know my doctor thinks they will have a cure in the next ten years so that would be great!

    • Thanks Lillian, I really appreciate it.
      When you find doctors that you can communicate with it is just awesome!

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