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We are on spring break this week and must stay close to home because my daughter is in a play with several matinee shows. Last night I took the kids to the mall which they loved. My kids have funny names for things. An activity like this is called “three of us fun time”. When we go to the mall it entails food court, bookstore, cafe, and good conversation in the car to and fro.

On this particular trip we got to talking about how long it takes to drive to (my parents house in) Florida. Which turned into how long it would take to walk there. My son said it would take 50 weeks. I said that was almost a whole year and probably wouldn’t take that long. My daughter and I agreed it would probably take a few months. I told them we could estimate it with math: number of miles times how many minutes it take to walk a mile divided by 60 to get the total hours. Then divide the total hours by how many hours we would be able to walk each day.

I remember reading Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick about the voyage, settlement in Plimoth, and their neighbors. It was an interesting book about places so long ago I am very familiar with today. I remember being very fascinated by their long distance walks. It wouldn’t be unusual for a small group to walk from Plimoth to Rhode Island!

Here’s our math (for our walk to Florida)…

1500 miles x 20 minutes = 30,000
30,000 minutes ÷ 60 = 500 hours
500 hours ÷ 8 hours = 62.5 days

That is about two months so we were pretty close. Maybe right on if we plan to stop and enjoys sites along the way! When you get driving directions on Google Maps there is also an option to get walking directions so you could check your math and plan your route. This would come in handy if we ever decide to actually do it! Know what else with come in handy? Really good walking shoes!

Actually I don’t know about walking to Florida but a long distance walk seems like it would be a great adventure! In high school I rode my bike a couple times to Provincetown which is 80 miles round trip from where I lived. I might have to add a long distance walk to my bucket list. How about you? Have you every walked a really long distance or used math to day dream? Please share!


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  1. That’s great! I love how you sat down and figured it out with your kids. :) My 6yo son asked me the other day how many seconds were left in the day… I’m afraid I didn’t take the opportunity to do the math with him that time.

    • I had a similar experience recently. We don’t always have the time of clear mind for all this complicated mom math 😉
      I think that is why conversations in the car are nice, no other distractions, except traffic of course!

    • You know we didn’t factor in blisters and bad weather. I wonder what kind of math I’d need for that, maybe statistics.

  2. I’m impressed you biked all the way to Provincetown! I spent four days hiking part of the Inca Trail when I was thirteen years old (and conveniently living in La Paz, Bolivia). The first day was particularly exciting, since we hiked from roughly 14,000 feet above sea level up to 16,000 feet with full packs (none of it cool light-weight gear). The remaining three days were all downhill, descending to a tropical rainforest at 8,000 feet by the final day.
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