Did You Know? PD Is Sexy!


Being sexy is not something I really ever focused on but facing a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease at 44 I am suddenly aware of how unattractive that feels.

Even at this specific point in my life I am lucky. I have a great husband who would never notice whether my left arm swings when I walk or not. Even when I gained a bunch of weight on antidepressants in my twenties I didn’t worry about being unattractive to him. He is a great guy. But I still feel young. I have young kids. 

Parkinson’s Disease is not fatal. It is just something that I will need to adapt to and live with. It will slowly chip away at what “cool” I have left and hopefully much later my dignity but I can’t think that far ahead, it is just too upsetting. Besides there are other afflictions that are far worse. Still, I will not succumb easily. I have been walking an hour every day, eating better, and my dad said he would buy me brand new running shoes when he comes up from Florida this summer. There is even Zumba.

Watch out PD, I am planning to be the sexiest person with Parkinson’s Disease since Anne Hathaway’s character in Love and Other Drugs!


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    • Thanks Elisa :)
      Maybe I should add a warning, it’s kind of a racy clip!
      I think the reason Anne Hathaway’s character behaves the way she does is to escape her reality. I can identify with wanting to do that (not the way she does it). I guess too seeing that it is possible to portray someone with PD so young and overtly “sexy” makes me somehow feel more confident and attractive. Does that make sense?

  1. I love that clip and I love you too, Ann. You are the kind of person I want to be. I am pretty sure you are going to be the sexiest woman with PD. Don’t you dare take this post down. It makes me feel brave.

    P.S. I came here from Facebook. I vote submit this post to BlogHer.
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  2. Wow Anne, you have said a lot in this very short post. A LOT. Anne, I think you need to learn to love yourself first – whatever your new reality is. Your husband will love you regardless – at least I hope he will. It’s saying a lot that you can say that he will (and that he has) – because I don’t think every woman is lucky enough to be able to say that. It’s a big comfort to have a partner who is in 100%, in sickness and in health, in good times in bad times, with PD or not.

    Whether your arm swings out when you walk or not, you have to find a way to be comfortable in your own skin. Be proud of the wonderful, beautiful and smart woman that you are.

    You do that, there is nothing that can stop you.
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    • Haha, I really did try to make it longer!
      I know I am lucky. I have a good guy plus I have always had adequate confidence but this has been my first true test of that confidence.
      Thanks for your support Lisa <3

    • Thanks MaryAnne. I am/have been going through such a strange assortment of thoughts and emotions with this. It sure would be nice if there was a cure for this and all other degenerative diseases. I have always thought growing old would be perfectly fine, without them!

  3. You know what is sexy – zumba! I like this post, shows us a bit of you, but no gut spilling. New running shoes eh, fancypants!
    Lots of encouragement coming over from the humid Mid West. x

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