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Combine Your Reading and Bucket Lists!

Bucket List Books

I recently started a bucket list. It is not a big serious thing, just a place to stash ideas. When I read or hear about a place or thing that might be fun someday or interesting I jot it down in my OneNote bucket list. The act itself of making a bucket list is fun but who knows if I will every be so indulgent to do everything on my list. I am just way too practical a person. That was when I got the brilliant idea to combine my bucket list with my reading list!

Even if you do plan on eventually doing everything on your bucket list why not satisfy your interests in the short term with books.

Here are a few to start me off… 

I have always thought that living in a luxury hotel in New York City would be the ultimate. There would be nothing to worry about just helpful and friendly staff to greet you after a stimulating day at a museum perhaps. Sound too pricey? Well that is why I will be enjoying this lifestyle vicariously though ELOISE written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight.

Someday I would like to drive cross country. It would be nice to travel in a big comfy car with lots of time for stops. There are so many amazing places in the US that I would like to see. I probably won’t be embarking on such a trip anytime soon so in the meantime here is a book that celebrates our country and all its amazing features in song THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND by Woody Guthrie and illustrated by Kathy Jakobsen.

And my last pick (for today) is CHARLOTTE IN LONDON written by Joan Knight and illustrated by Melissa Sweet. I really enjoyed a work trip there several years ago. It is Europe without the language barrier! Someday when I go back I would like to take a day trip to the Lake District and see Beatrix Potter’s home and maybe go on a river boat cruise. Again, not sure I can get away anytime soon for such a trip but why not enjoy this beautiful picture book with a travel journal/scrapbook feel from the comfort of my own home. This book is part of a series. Charlotte is one lucky little traveler!

So what is on your bucket list? Then let’s see if we can’t find you a book!


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