The Adventures of Bob White


We have new neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Bob White. 


I saw them when I went for my walk last night and decided to head back to the same spot today to see if I could catch them with my zoom.


Look both ways crossing the street, Mr. White!


Maybe they are headed to their nest, bye for now!

* * *

Northern Bobwhites are quails that live in the eastern half of the United States. I am pretty sure I have heard their call multiple times (which sounds like bobwhite) but this is the first time I have ever seen them. They almost look like chickens. Bobwhites are a near threatened specie. So this was my second near threatened sighting this season (the first was the Piping Plover). Bobwhites do not seem to be shy. While I was snapping pictures this lovely couple walked right past me to cross the street!

Read more of Bob White’s adventures as told by Thornton Burgess (Amazon affiliate link) and if you are on Cape Cod this summer why not visit all his animal friends at the Green Briar Nature Center!


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