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This morning on the way to school my kindergartner told us about a dream he had. He said he woke up in a tree surrounded by moneys who then captured him and raised him as their own. “Isn’t it ironic?” he said. I love when my kids try out big words. My daughter and I then spent the rest of the car ride trying to define ironic for him. I couldn’t wait to get home and look it up. Google defines ironic as “happening in the opposite way to what is expected, and typically causing wry amusement because of this”. Writing a dictionary would be very hard since most words we learn from context.

But I am getting WAY off track. I think it would be great from him to capture this story in a comic book or strip!

printable comic templates

Also my daughter has been creating lots of cartoon characters lately. There is Pan-Pan the panda, Caksy the cupcake, Bluey the blueberry, and more. They all have big sparkly anime style eyes and I would love to see her start incorporating them into stories too! I figure once they are finished with silly old school in a couple weeks we can really get to work!

Maybe you would like to make some comics too! I am sharing two styles in PDF format: a horizontal six frame comic strip and a vertical six frame comic book style. I have also kept the layouts very simple so as not to distract from the awesome art that is be added later!

When my daughter got home from school she got right to work. Check out her comic on Facebook or Instagram!

I love reading the funnies in Sunday paper and I am not embarrassed to admit that Family Circus is my favorite especially since I became a mom. I also like comic books and graphic novels. I love how the format is almost movie like! Right now we are reading Jedi Academy. In it, Roan documents his experiences as a student in a special middle school for future jedis. Looking for more graphic novel picks? Head on over to Pragmatic Mom’s post about the Eisner Awards!

My kids’ last day of school is June 27th and I can’t wait! I love getting a break from scheduled days. I think we’ll be doing more swimming lessons but no camps. I haven’t been working so I really can’t justify it. We’ll be making our own fun this summer. How about you? What are your summer plans? Please share!

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Other printables in this series:


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    • That is great Clare! Also I posted the comic my daughter made on Instagram and FB (the link is in the post now) :)

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