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I took piano lesson for a few years as a kid. I also played flute in the band at school. I might have been a little better at practicing the flute because of the competitive nature of music in school but I was never the most disciplined musician. But I did really like my music notebook and when I ran out of pages I made my own and kept on writing my own music. I am sure I was no Mozart but no one ever told me that! I even wrote a little duet with harmony for me and my best friend to play together. So today as part of my Doodles and Jots Basics series I am sharing printable staff paper for all my fellow amateur composers!

Printable Music Paper

printable music paper

Click on the above image to open the PFD then print!

Don’t know how to write music or feeling a little rusty? I have also created a really basic music writing primer to help you get started. If it is too basic for your needs (because perhaps you would like to compose in the Baroque Style) you can check here for a more complete reference of music symbols from Wikipedia. Or conversely, if the idea of composing music is intimidating, let me assure you it is no harder than composing words. Actually maybe even easier!

How to Write Music

music writing primer

If you would like a printed copy for reference click on above image to open a PDF version then print.

The other night my husband and I watched the movie Amadeus again which is currently free to watch if you have Amazon Prime. Learn about Amazon Prime and get a 30 day free trial here. It is a great movie! Mozart was a very talented composer. When my kids get a little older I would like them to see it too. I like to expose them to great talent and art of all kinds. He was a child prodigy and is portrayed as someone who really never grew up. I wonder if that is true for lots of child stars since they sort of miss out on their childhood the first time around.

Mozart Book for Kids

PLAY, MOZART, PLAY written and illustrated by Peter Sis

I did find a very nice picture book about Mozart which tell the same story in a very child friendly way. I also love the playful yet highly detailed illustrations. It is a fast and fun read, definitely check it out, and then compose your own masterpiece!

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Other printables in this series:


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    • Thanks Elisa! You will have to let me know if I got anything wrong here since you are a family of real musicians!

    • It is a really nice one.
      I would like to see them too. I wonder if they are in my mother’s house somewhere.

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