Where Walking Will Really Take You

Everyone knows that walking is good for you. It’s good for your heart. It’s good for your bones. It is the best natural source of vitamin D. It’s easy to stick to, low impact, and it has a low risk of injury. It’s free and requires virtually no specialized equipment. It’s good for your mood, can help you lose weight, and it even has a therapeutic effect on lots of chronic illnesses including Parkinson’s Disease. You can even use the time to do other things like listen to music, catch up with a friend, brainstorm or work out a problem, or even write a blog post with voice recognition.


Having trouble getting your little kids to nap? Put them in a stroller!

So walking has a lot of benefits that we all know about but what you might not know is that walking can transport you! I don’t mean that figuratively although it can do that too. You can actually start in one location and end up in another. It’s like magic! I know what you’re thinking, I thought only cars, or skateboards, or Segways could do that. How is it possible? Well, it works sort of like these all-terrain robots…

You can actually start out at your house and end up at a friend’s, at the store, or just around the block. You might even notice things in your neighborhood you never noticed before. Wondering how you will get back once you have reached your destination? Walking can take care of that too!

Amazing right? So next time you’re out walking for your health or your mood or because you’re bored take a moment to acknowledge were walking really takes you!


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    • Glad I inspired you! Although it must be hard to get out when you have four to look after and while I’m thinking of it you probably already get your exercise doing that!

    • Oh right I think I heard him being interviewed. Isn’t there also someone walking around the world? I’ll have to look those up. Thanks Kris!

    • Once you start losing it starts to seem simple but it can be easy to get off track. I hope I can keep it up. I have a two part weight loss goal. Once is to get back the the weight I was when I started having my PD symptoms and then I would like to lose another ten maybe.

    • I did write this post on my walk! I used the Onenote app and wrote it sentence by sentence. Listening to pod casts is a good thing to do on a walk.

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