Printable Rainbows and Lighting

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Café Press is a very cool concept. You create the artwork and they do everything else involved in producing that artwork on a wide assortment of products from clothing, to paper goods to household items. You can even turn it into a business and they will take care of the selling. Last year I got all excited about the possibilities, set up a shop, added one design, then quickly forgot about it. I probably forgot about it because the sales didn’t start pouring it. Since I’m not working I decided to give it another chance. I am starting with the fun part of populating my shop with new and exciting designs! There are other things I have to work on too like marketing and keywords. I don’t know why I find tags/keywords so hard! The other hard part is that the setup is a little complicated so there is a lot of trial and error for me. The good news is I am making progress. I brainstormed a bunch of ideas the other day and yesterday upload two new designs. I think you can get these images on any product but I have featured them on eco-friendly products like t-shirts, bags, and water bottles in my shop. Café Press is not inexpensive so I am also sharing my designs here as free printable transfers!

Free Printable Sky Transfers

I love looking up, literally and figuratively! Every once in a while you really see something neat. In the description for these two new designs in my shop I wrote, express yourself with weather! I think the sky is very expressive. I had a feeling my kids would like these and they did! My son wants this bag with the lighting and my daughter wanted this water bottle with the rainbow. To make your own heat transfer t-shirt or bag using these designs click on the above image to open the PDF, choose the design you want to print (page one or two), scale it to the size you like, and follow printing instructions that came with your transfer paper. Making heat transfers is fun!

My next couple of designs will be all about “calm”. I had this idea that if you put kids in t-shirts with calming images it would rub off on them, hahaha! My kids have been a little wild lately! These t-shirts will have special powers. What other designs or themes would you like to see? Have you used Café Press? If you have any advice for me please share!


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    • Those canvas bags look nice. You should start a store too. I think your ducks printable would look cute a library bag :)

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