Don’t Fence Me In

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DIY Fence for Toy Animals

I don’t like to be fenced in but I have to fence in my animal figures, right?! I don’t want them running off down to the play road or over to the neighbor’s toy farm! Since I don’t have a fence for them I decide to make one with craft sticks. I used regular-size craft sticks and half-size craft sticks. If you want to make a fence too and didn’t have the half size sticks you could make a taller fence or cut some full size ones in half with a utility knife.

DIY Toy Fence

Phew! Now my animals are safe and sound behind their new fence. I made my fences with three hinging sections. To make a fence with three sections you will need six regular size craft sticks and six half size ones. You will also need craft glue and tape. Start by attaching two sets of the half sized craft sticks together on one side with tape. This creates your hinge. I used packing tape because I thought it would be stronger. Of course with any fence construction it is important that it be level so I taped all the half sized craft sticks (tape hinge side down) on my cutting mat that has a nice grid to follow.

craft stick fence

Then I added a dab of glue on both ends of each regular size craft stick and attached them to the posts. Once they were all attached I put a heavy book on top of the whole fence until it was dry. Now it is time to gather your farm animals! By the time you find them all under beds and couches your fence will probably be dry. With two three section fences you can make a hexagon shaped corral. What other shapes can you make? These fences are fun to arrange and I think my animals like it. I just hope that t-rex behaves himself!

When I went to gather my farm animals I realized they were sort of a sorry lot. If you are in the same predicament here a link to a nice Schleich Farm Animals figure set. They are really good quality, so finely painted and sculpted.

And nothing like a good barnyard book to inspire barnyard play…

This is a link to the Kindle edition of The Jolly Barnyard written by Annie North Bedford and illustrated by Tibor Gergely which means you could buy it and have it instantly for $3.41 (but other editions are also available too)! I love classic Golden Books like this.

And last but not least here’s some good fence building music…


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    • Thanks MaryAnne. I bought several kinds the last time I was in the craft store not knowing what we would do with them.

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