Join My Litter Patrol

I upped my fitness routine! I haven’t started running. I haven’t increased my distance but I have added additional movement to my regular walk. Specifically I added reaches and bends, great for the torso, and while I am down there I decided I might as well pick up some trash.

It all started the other day when I had to walk around a piece of garbage. I really felt an urge to pick it up. I don’t even remember what it was but it was large enough and dirty enough for me to not want to carry it for the rest of my walk. Then I started noticing lots more trash that I never noticed before. There was so much of it. My first thought was, are people just brazenly throwing garbage out their car windows? I saw someone once do this on my street. This train of thought was making me upset so I decided to just give everyone the benefit of the doubt. After all I have forgotten and left a water bottle behind once or twice. I have also had my garbage blow away and not be able to catch up with it. Then I felt better.

Join My Litter Patrol

Today I just happen too see a perfectly good plastic bag on the side of the bike path. I picked it up and stated putting garbage in it. I just went for easy things that were close to my walking path. I picked up all kinds of things. I picked up water bottles, flattened cans, foil snack bags, plastic packaging, styrofoam, cigarette boxes, nips, scratch tickets, etc. My bag was full and I was still a long way from home. I had dirty hand and a full bag of garbage to lug but I also got great exercise and a whole lotta “feel good”. When I got home I sorted, then washed my hands.

Guys, this made me feel good and I am not telling you to tell you what an awesome person I am although it is true. I am telling you so that maybe you will think it is a good idea and do it too. From now on I am going to stash a bag in my pocket. Next time we walk up to the park with the kids I am going to get them in on it too. Doing something good makes you feel good and it is AWESOME! Want some awesome? Join my litter patrol!

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    • I read her post. Isn’t it great that little kids naturally want to help like that! I totally get the “it’s dirty” part.

  1. It takes a village. Its good the world has people like you, Annie!
    So cool to look at it as additional exercise too.

    That’s half the reason we don’t like to pick things up is because it’s not easy to bend down and pick it up.

    I’ll never think of picking things up as bad anymore! :-)
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