Mama Squirrel

I saw a mama squirrel rescue her baby!

I saw a squirrel in the street with something big and furry in its mouth. At first I thought it had caught a mouse but as it crossed the street and scurried along a fence closer to me, I could see the hind leg of a baby squirrel stretch out. You would think having a baby in your mouth would slow you down but not this mama. It hopped effortlessly from the fence to a utility pole. Then she quickly climbed to the top of the pole where she stopped, sat up, and stuffed that baby further and more completely into her mouth. Then she crossed a power line, hopped a branch, and navigated her way back to their nest. I watched them arrive safely home.

squirrel mama and baby

I wonder if the baby fell or if a hawk grabbed it and dropped it. Either way I wonder if it will be okay. I hope it will but it was a long, long way down. I don’t know why it surprises me when I see animals taking care of their young. I guess maybe because I associate this instinct with emotions and I don’t always think of animals having them, but of course they do, just like us.

I should have remembered how protective mama squirrels were from reading Ol’ Mama Squirrel (Amazon affiliate link, thanks!) by one of my favorite author/illustrators David Esra Stein. It is a warm and fun, fast read about a mother squirrel you DON’T want to mess with. Here, watch the trailer…

Have you seen something interesting in nature recently? Please share your latest I SPY!



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    • That must be fun and interesting to watch! We had finches nest on our house a couple years ago. They grew so fast!

    • It was neat. Seeing things like that make my day. I was just thinking about how just seeing a dragonfly can lift my mood.

  1. I am always glad we don’t have to carry our kids around in our mouths. I guess squirrels are used to expanding their cheeks to fit things in. I hope the little squirrel was Ok. I think sometimes when they are so light the impact isn’t as bad when they fall. It’s these moments that we realize animals aren’t always so different from us.
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    • You are probably right. It would probably be a very bad ideas to raise babies in a tree if they couldn’t survive a fall.

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