Printable Graph Paper

Today is my husband’s birthday and my kids made really nice cards for him. My daughter also made him a small book of word searches and one of crossword puzzles which I thought was so cool. This morning she was inspired to make more puzzles and my husband suggested she use graph paper. He asked me if we have any and I said no but that some would soon be available as a printable from Doodles and Jots!

printable graph paper

Of course you can get printable graph paper elsewhere on the internet. I discovered this site which allows you to customize the type and size. But only here does the printable graph paper come with 38 ideas! Click on about image to open and print the PDF graph paper.

38 Ways to Use Graph Paper

I got thinking of all the cool, creative ways you can use graph paper so I decided to give myself the challenge of coming up with 101 ideas but I fell short by a lot! There is still many fun ideas on my list of 38…

  1. Crossword puzzle
  2. Word search
  3. Sudoku puzzle
  4. Needle point pattern
  5. Plan a quilt
  6. Granny square planning
  7. Knitting pattern
  8. Plan a tile floor
  9. Design a dream home
  10. Plan for rearranging furniture
  11. Hip note taking
  12. Doodling
  13. Geometric art
  14. Draw a city scene
  15. Pixel art
  16. Minecraft art
  17. Create patterns
  18. Design a tessellation
  19. Copy an image
  20. Scale up/down a drawings
  21. Plan fusible bead designs
  22. Draw a Fibonacci arc
  23. Plotting data
  24. Create a chart
  25. Score a baseball game
  26. Keep math problems organized
  27. Visualize math problems
  28. Geometry homework
  29. Tic-tac-toe
  30. Dots and Boxes
  31. For collage paper
  32. Wrap small gifts
  33. Measuring
  34. Fan folding
  35. Plot body temperature
  36. Record the weather
  37. Alignment/keeping things square
  38. Create seven-segment numbers

Did I miss any graph paper uses? Do you think we could get to 101? Please share!


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