Diamond Craft

I once worked with a woman who had the largest diamond I have ever seen. It was pear shaped and twinkled like crazy under the conference room lights. It honestly prevented me from concentrating sometimes!

My kids love gems and are fascinated by my diamond ring. When they were smaller, they used to like to try it on. Sometimes when I am in the car and it is super sunny, I notice lots of little tiny rainbows reflecting from it. I guess I am fascinated by it too. It actually is a little bigger than average and it was less pricey than average because it has an inclusion which we could see when we picked it out but I have never noticed since. What I do see is its exceptional color. It is so bright!

Diamond Craft for Kids

Diamonds are formed deep in the earth. Extreme heat and pressure cause carbon atoms to arrange in a dense lattice. Ancient fast moving volcanic eruptions forced diamond crystals to the earth’s surface. You can find diamonds in this type of volcanic rock called kimberlite or in areas where it might have eroded to like rivers and streams. There is a state park in Arkansas where you can look for diamonds. My son especially would be so excited to go there. It might be something to add to our family bucket list but we would have to set expectations because I am sure in his innocent mind he would expect to find one and be rich! It can happen though.

If you don’t have a really big diamond to admire why not make one! I was inspired for this craft by a necklace I pinned a while back. For this craft we used half size craft sticks. The same ones we used to build this farm fence. You will also need craft glue, string, and iridescent glitter glue.

Here’s how…

Start by gluing together four sticks in a diamond shape. Hold the sticks together with four binder clips or put a heavy book on top of them. Once the glue is dry add a bead of glitter glue around the top surface of the diamond shape then spread it out with a soft paint brush and let it dry. Ours dried super fast in the sun! The last step is to loop a length of string through. We used a strong beading thread and I like how it makes the diamond looks like it is suspended magically!

Diamonds are cut by jewelers into shapes that enhance their beauty and brilliance but diamond crystals naturally form as octahedrons. Learn more about diamond formation and get my diamond crystal printable here.

PBS produced a program on diamonds as part of their NATURE series. I wasn’t able to find the whole program to link to but here is a preview.

Are your kids fascinated by your engagement ring? Please share!

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  1. Beautiful! I love how sparkly your golden diamond is. :)

    And how clever you were to get the big diamond with the inclusion! You’re right, no one is going to notice that unless you wanted to sell it!!

    My husband went to graduate school with a “hard rock” expert and he tested my engagement diamond under black light… mine is one that fluoresces, which is cool. :) Now that I’ve been busy having babies, I’m not sure I’ll ever fit back into my original engagement/wedding ring, but I don’t want to resize it just in case. So I have a few different-sized rings with smaller diamonds my husband has given me over the past several years, which is fun! Late in pregnancy, though, none of the rings would fit, and I kept worrying that someone would think I was an unwed mother. Probably no one even thought about it, but it did make me a bit self-conscious. I’m glad I’m back to sparkling now that my baby is a few weeks old. My girls definitely seem to notice my rings. :)

    Oh, and one more ring story for you… My husband paid for my ring, and he also signed up for the “pray for rain” promotion the jewellery store had at the time. If it rained an inch or more there on the day of our wedding, he would be refunded the purchase price of the engagement ring. It did rain almost two inches, I think, in Oklahoma City where he bought the ring, on the day it was gorgeous and perfectly sunny in Dallas where we got married. :) So that ring paid for our honeymoon!!
    Elisa | blissfulE recently posted..kiddo quotes (vol. 6)My Profile

    • Elisa’s story is the best!
      My ring is not that big. I think it is somewhere between .6 and .7 but it looks big to me, maybe because of the setting.

    • Not too long ago my kids went through a big gem phase. We ended up getting an Eye Witness Book on them. It is really fun to look through!

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