Bubble Wands with Natural Materials

Vines look for things to wind around and when the can’t find something, sometimes they turn and begin twisting around themselves (like this). These interesting loops could inspire a lot of things. For us, they inspired bubble wands! We used vine clippings (some old and some new) and beach grass for the ties.

Bubble Wands with Natural Materials

The fresh cut vines worked a little better. The older vines were brittle and sometimes broke when forming the loop. We also discovered there was a “prime vine maturity”. Too mature and it would kink when forming the loop but if the vine was too young it bowed during use. We had the best luck tying the loops in place with beach grass. It didn’t seem to matter if it was fresh or dry. On some of the wands we wrapped the grass several times then knotted in two spots. For others we wrapped the grass around the wand handle like tape on a handlebar. Both these methods worked but the discrete ties held up better on day two (although we didn’t try any wrapped ones with the dried grass). We also tried tying with peeled bark from the vines but had trouble peeling pieces long and strong enough.

Homemade Bubbles

Homemade Bubble Solution

For the bubble solution we started with ten cups of filtered water. We added three cups of dish soap and three tablespoons of honey. Then we stirred and stirred and built up lots of anticipation!

Our wands worked great. They turned out big which made for big bubbles! It was fun to experiment with different ones. My kids soon each found one that worked best for them. Their favorite thing to do was soap up their hands and try and catch the bubbles. I was worried that maybe the honey in our bubble solution would attract bees but they stayed away. It was pretty diluted.

I loved watching the kids as they perfected their technique and studied the bubbles they caught. I loved how excited they got each and every time a bubble successfully formed. The only frustration for me was how difficult it was to capture bubbles in focus with my camera. Advice?

DIY Bubble Wands

All this bubble fun reminded me of the picture book BUBBLE TROUBLE written by Margaret Mahy, illustrated by Polly Dunbar. It is about a little girl who blows a big bubble that causes quite a lot of fun bubble trouble for her baby brother. It’s an entertaining read-out-loud with lots of inventive tongue twisting rhymes! It would be a great one to follow up some bubble play.

And for a little bubble trouble check out this illustrated post. Have you been blowing bubbles this summer? Please share!



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    • Thanks Elisa!
      Some people on FB thought my vine photo looked like a noose. Funny I didn’t see that at all until they said it.

    • Thanks Kris! I took like 100 pictures to get a few useable ones. Thank goodness for digital photography!

    • Thanks Mia! I was a little surprised it worked and actually they work really well. We didn’t want to go back to the itty bitty plastic wands!

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