An Apple for the Teacher

Blogging has expanded my world quite a bit. I have always lived in the north eastern United States where schools that start early might start the week before Labor Day but most schools start the Wednesday or Thursday after Labor Day. It is shocking for me to see back to school photos on Facebook in early August! So I know this post is going to be irrelevant for some but for others like us we are only just starting to think about back to school. We don’t need to do much to prepare. Our school supplies all materials (although they do like for families to bring in tissues for all those inevitable sniffles). I don’t even really buy clothes before because we get lots of hand me downs, it is usually still warm, and it is always better to wait for the sales. Although I will probably run one for one nice outfit for the first day and back to school photos.

Printable Apple Transfers for T-shirts and Bags

Printable Apple Transfers

Apples are such a strong symbol of back to school. They represent teacher appreciation, end of summer harvest time, and a healthy start which are all good things. Usually the back to school apple is some generic apple but let’s face it, we all have a favorites! Several years ago we went apple picking and brought home Honeycrisp which we all loved but I don’t ever see that variety at the grocery store. When we buy apples we have to get four different kinds. Golden Delicious for dad, Red Delicious for my daughter, Granny Smith for my son, and McIntosh for me.

Voice Your Apple Preference

These are the four apples I included in my printable today (although the McIntosh could represent a few different varieties). Use these printables for whatever you like but make sure you have lots of printer ink! If you will be using them for transfers, click on the above image to open the PDF, pick your favorite apple, scale to the size you want to print, and follow the instructions on your transfer paper. You can buy transfer paper from Amazon. I also found nice kids’ T-shirts and tote bags on Amazon.

I will also be including these designs in my Cafe Press Shop. I mentioned before that I think Cafe Press is kind of pricey but I do notice they often have coupons that pop up. Right now there is a 20% off one. I really do love their product selection.

What’s your favorite kind of apple? Please share!



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  1. I like Pink Lady too, but my favourite is Jonathon apples, preferably right off the tree. I can’t eat apples much because I am slightly allergic to them and the itchy mouth which follows a lovely apple is sometimes too much bother. Strangely though, I can usually eat the apples we pick from the orchards with no problems.
    I love your apple printables Anne!
    Clare recently posted..The August Break 11-17 and Weekly Photos 33/52My Profile

    • Thanks Clare!
      Strange, I’ve never heard of an apple allergy, even stranger that you can eat them off the tree.

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