Baby Chick Printable

Printables are fun. You can find lots of printables at Doodles and Jots but up until now none for babies. All my printables, so far, have required some big kid paper skills like cutting, gluing, and coloring in the lines. To all the babies out there I am truly sorry. I didn’t mean to intentionally exclude you. I fully intend to make it up to you, starting today, with a new series designed especially for you.

My First Printable: Chick Hatching

My 1st Printable Hatching Chick

With this new series of printables you will be able to practice the paper skills that YOU are into. I plan to incorporate lots of fun stuff like rips, crumples, and scribbles as well as a task here and there to challenge like unfolding. I also plan to feature lots of baby animals which I know you can’t resist!

Just get your grownup to click on the above image and print. Next have them cut the printable into four pieces along the dotted lines. Then have them read the instructions for each piece.


Chick Printable Instructions

Start by “cracking” open the egg. The chick hatched! After pecking through that eggshell I bet your chick is hungry so tear open the bag and shake out some food. Finally your chick is ready for a nice nap tucked under its mama’s wing.


Don’t forget to scribble in some food for your chick with a chunky crayon or washable marker. No baby art supplies? Get your grownup to check out these “My First Crayola” crayons and markers (Amazon affiliate links)!




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