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Magic Mirror Craft and Snow White Picks

Snow White Magic Mirror Craft

Takeout food sometimes comes in the nicest packaging. I often save the paper or plastic bags and containers for future uses unknown. The pasta we got this weekend had a foil cover and came in a small pizza-style box, both completely clean. I immediately thought magic mirror!

What you’ll need…

  • Cardboard from pizza box
  • Foil coated takeout lid (or tin foil and cereal box)
  • Printable mirror template
  • Tempera paint and brushes
  • Craft glue
  • Craft jewels, glitter glue, etc.

Mirror Craft Instructions

Here’s how… 

  1. Print the following PDF: Magic Mirror Craft Template on card-stock and cut
  2. Trace the oval on the foil lid or cereal box and trace frame twice on pizza box
  3. Cut one oval, if using cereal box, then wrap with tin foil
  4. Cut out two mirror frames from the pizza box (cut interior oval on just one)
  5. Glue and sandwich mirror between two frames
  6. Put mirror under a heavy book until dry
  7. Now it is time paint and decorate!

Once it is done see want kind of magic you can make!

Magic Mirror Craft and Snow White Picks

Now for the books…

5 Ways to Read Snow White

Cover images are Amazon affiliate links (thanks for supporting Doodles and Jots).

Read the Disney version. Snow White was one of the first Disney movies I every saw and it hooked me for life. We have a Disney Golden Book version based on the animated movie.

You can read in digital form. Download this vintage Wanda Gag version for your Kindle reader for only a dollar! I like that you can click on the small images to enlarge them.

Or how about in poetry form. MIRROR MIRROR written by Marilyn Singer and illustrated by Josee Masse includes a  very clever, reversible Snow White poem.

Read the story of Snow White in board book form. I love this very cute one word per page version by Trixie Belle, illustrated by Melissa Caruso-Scott.

And last but not least how about a pop-up book! This book illustrated by Rachel Cloyne is very magical! I just love pop-up books and wonder why I don’t own any!

We don’t like to waste. Check out this very cool pocket magic mirror my daughter made with the scraps!



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