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I like the title of EVERYONE CAN LEARN TO RIDE A BICYCLE written and illustrated by Chris Raschka because it is true (expect maybe in rare exceptions) but for parents and kids in the process of learning, it can seem so out of reach. My daughter had a few false starts with bike riding which I willingly take at least some of the blame for. Without training wheels she couldn’t balance and I couldn’t keep up. At eight years old she was feeling embarrassed. We recently got her a brand new beautiful bike for her birthday. We went out on a side street, I let go, there were tears of frustration but she was determined, and she did it! I was so happy for her. A couple weeks later and she is riding like a pro and wants to go to the park to ride nearly every day!

Raschka Sample

The little girl and her dad in EVERYONE CAN LEARN TO RIDE A BICYCLE (affiliate link, thanks!) pick out a new bike, begin on training wheels, lift the training wheels a little, then take them off completely. She falls, gets a hug from her dad, falls again but with unstoppable determination (just like my daughter) she gets it! Chris Raschka’s watercolors are spontaneous which are a great fit for the dynamic subject. The urban setting makes it fun where all kinds of riders are riding for all kinds of reasons. I also love what it says on the last page!

I highly recommend this book to others learning to ride! And if you are looking to celebrate a “learn to ride” victory here is a fun printable for you (no training wheels here baby)!

What you’ll need…

To construct your paper bicycle toy you will need card-stock, a printer, scissors, an awl, brads, and things to decorate your bike with like markers, glitter glue, stickers, and ribbon.

Bike Printable Instructions

Here’s how… 

  1. Start by picking from four color schemes or one to color in this PDF: Bicycle Printable
  2. Print the one you want on card-stock and cut out the wheels
  3. Carefully fold the page in half along the center dotted line
  4. Cut out the frame including the small curved line for the front of the seat
  5. Fold the top of the frame to one side along the dotted line (see arrow in second image)
  6. Fold the other way then invert the “V” shaped fold as shown in image three (this is the tricky part)
  7. Press holes into the frame and wheels, sandwich wheels in frame, then fasten with brads
  8. Fold up handle bars along dotted lines then decorate; I added curly ribbon!

Meet the author/illustrator…

So inspiring! I love to see artists working. I included another one of his books in this book list.

See a short video clip of my daughter riding on day two here. Bike riding gives kids a little taste of independence. I rode all over Cape Cod as a teen. Do your kids ride bikes yet? Please share!

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  1. Yay for your daughter!!! My daughter taught herself to ride – I think her experience on a balance bike helped a lot, but in the end it comes down to determination, just like you said. I also rode around for hours and hours at a time growing up… but the roads were nearly deserted since were on the far outskirts of Houston, TX. There’s no way it would be safe to ride on those same roads now. I wonder where/when it will be safe for my kids to ride on their own.
    Elisa | blissfulE recently posted..gone fishin’My Profile

  2. My kids are slowly learning to ride bikes. It isn’t very intuitive for them, and (so far) they don’t share your daughter’s determination. There is also nowhere close to our home that is good for them to learn to ride (it will be fine once they know how), so we have to travel for lessons. Anna really loves speed, so I’m hoping bike riding will be easier for her!
    maryanne @ mama smiles recently posted..Celebrate Books with a Reading Fort Party!My Profile

    • We live on a busy street too. My daughter learned around the corner but there are still cars and I am constantly nervous. We go to the park to ride but that is hard too since both their bikes don’t fit in my car. The nice thing about waiting to learn is that it ends up clicking so fast. My son is still working on it.

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