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Easy Abstract Art for Kids

Easy Abstract Art for Kids

It is THE time of year for rubbings (leaf rubbing, spooky gravestone rubbings) which is probably why the idea for thread rubbings popped into my head when I saw a swirly piece left over from a sewing project on my desk. I think what makes this printmaking technique interesting is that instead of selecting and arranging existing items as you do with leaves, you are first CREATING the shapes. There is also a certain amount of happy accidents involved in creating designs since the thread has a bit of a mind of its own.


You know who else used happy accidents in his art making?  Jackson Pollack (if you do not see an embedded video watch it here)…

I put on some some music and set my kids up with this easy art project while I got supper ready and it was a big hit (except the abstract part)!

What you’ll need… 

All you need for this project is paper, thread, and crayons. I like these ones shaped like bricks for rubbings but you can use any kind.

Here is a video demonstration…

It is really so easy and fun! Will you try it? If you do I would love to see your creations. You can share them on my FB page. I found it a little harder to make representational art with this technique but my kids had no problem. See my spider, my daughter’s fish, and my son’s snake on Instagram.



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