Apple Bushel Craft

Apple Bushel Craft

Did you get to go apple picking this year? My kids didn’t. Maybe that is why my daughter took the leftover green construction paper strips from our paper pumpkin chains and made some granny smith apples. Or maybe it was that I paired that craft up with the book APPLES AND PUMPKINS. Either way what a great idea! I just added a couple different varieties, stems, and a bushel basket. So if you have finished filling your home with pumpkins you have to make some apples too!

Here’s how to make one bushel… 

Apple Bushel Craft Instructions

  1. Cut the following construction paper strips: 3 red 1.5 X 9 inches, 3 yellow 1.5 X 9 inches, 3 green 1.5 X 9 inches, 9 brown .5 X 2 inches, 4 brown 1 X 12 inches, 4 tan 1 X 12 inches, 2 brown 1 X 9 inches, 2 tan 1 X 9 inches
  2. Start by making apples, line up a .5 X 2 inch brown with a red as shown in picture 2, loop the other end of the red strip around, twist apple loop out of the way, and staple as show in picture 4
  3. Repeat step 2 for 2 more red apples, 3 yellow, and 3 green
  4. Now it is time to construct your bushel basket: start by making a “T” shape with 2 tan 1 X 9 inch strips and 1 brown 1 X 12 inch strip and staple as shown in picture 5
  5. Create a hoop with the 2 tan pieces and staple together with the end of the brown strip as shown in picture 6
  6. Next take a tan 1 X 12 and staple it on the tan hoop next to the brown 1 X 12 and staple the other end to the opposite side of the brown 1 X 12 as shown in picture 7
  7. repeat step 6 alternating colors until you have added all the 1 X 12 inch brown and tan strips
  8. Finish the bushel by covering the rim with the 2 brown 1 X 9 inch strips and stapling on either side

Now you can load up your bushel with apples!



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