Unicorn Book and Craft

Can Feminists Believe in Purple Unicorns?

Feminism is one of those words that can mean different things to different people. To me it is all about having choices. If my daughter wants to like pink and purple and watch My Little Pony I am fine with that. I think the concern is that if little girls like stereotypical girly things like unicorns and princesses that it will limit there options. They will not want to build things or be leaders or run around the playground. Well I can say that didn’t happen for me (I love building things and purple unicorns) and it doesn’t appear to be happening for my daughter…

Uni the Unicorn Review

My daughter has loved unicorns for a LONG time. I remember her taking it kind of hard when someone told her unicorns were not real. I had to soften the blow by explaining that they were real mythical creatures. For as popular as unicorns are there seems to be a very limited selection of good unicorn picture books out there so this book immediately caught my eye. UNI THE UNICORN is really a well done book by the highly creative picture book author of SPOON and CHOPSTICKS, Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

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In the story, a group of unicorns tease the exceptionally magnificent Uni for believing in little girls. Uni imagines all the things they could do together like fix each other’s hair, help forest creatures in need, and slide down rainbows. Uni dreams about a real little girl. This little girl believes in unicorns despite what the other kids say. Uni and the little girl end up having so much fun together.

The illustrations by Brigette Barrager, which have a retro feel, are exceptional. They add just the right amount of rich detail, complimenting the concise text perfectly.

Little kids easily believing in myths and magic and that is why they really are the experts when it comes to imaginary play. I think the longer they can hold on to this the more creative and optimistic they will be as adults. By the way my six year old son really liked this book too! I can totally imagine a sequel about a dragon and a boy.

How about following this book up with a craft that encourages pretend play (and building things)…

Unicorn Book and Craft

DIY Stick Unicorn with Printable Template

What you’ll need…

  • Paper towel or plastic wrap tube
  • Cardboard (we used the clean tops of pizza boxes)
  • Tempera paint, yarn, and decorative things like jewels or glitter glue

Unicorn Craft Instructions

Here’s how…

  1. Print the following PDF on card stock: Unicorn Template
  2. Cut out template, trace on cardboard, then cut out your cardboard unicorn
  3. Paint and decorate both side of the unicorn and don’t forget to add sparkly purple eyes!
  4. Created a series of holes then thread lengths of yarn through to create the mane
  5. Attach unicorn to tube by cutting notches and reinforcing with craft glue

If you are looking for more unicorn books we also like LILLY THE UNICORN by Dallas Clayton and UNICORN THINKS HE’S PRETTY GREAT, link and printable in this post. Happy believing everyone!



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