Make Play Bricks

DIY Play Bricks

The only thing more fun than building with real bricks is building with play bricks. They are much lighter and your mom won’t mind if you do it in the house. Don’t have play bricks? Why not make some with air dry terracotta clay.

I tried a few different methods and this worked the best although I must admit it was hard to achieve consistent size and shape. Probably a little brick mold would be ideal but this method was fast and perfect bricks are not too important for play.

What you’ll need…

Air dry clay, rolling pin, two 1/2 inch spacers, a piece of thread, a small phillips head screwdriver, and a couple pieces of foam core or sturdy cardboard.

Air Dry Clay Bricks

Here’s how… 

  1. Create a medium sized ball of clay and flatten it.
  2. Roll it out between the spacers (I used plastic lids) until it is consistently 1/2 inch thick.
  3. Sandwich the clay between the foam core pieces with a little sticking out, have your helper hold the sandwich then pull the tread through to trim.
  4. Open the foam core sandwich, measure 1/2 inch down along the cut edge and replace the foam core to that measurement (do this for both sides).
  5. Pull the thread through while your helper holds the foam core sandwich, then measure mostly 1 inch sections and some 1/2 inch, and slice down
  6. Use a phillips head screw driver to create decorative cross indentations on the tops of the bricks
  7. Repeat this process with a few balls of clay until you have enough bricks to create your masterpiece.

Allow a few days for your bricks to dry then start building! Try building structures with doorway and window openings using the half size bricks. Also try creating round tower structures. You can cut a simple roof for your structure out of a cereal box.

Hope you are having a great weekend. So glad to finally see the sun here!


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