Reasons to Repair

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Why bother patching, darning, and making other sewing repairs?

When I was a teen my Irish dad used to ask me and my sisters to make sewing repairs like darn his socks and repair his pockets. We liked to sew and we liked to help my dad. He always worked so hard but it also seems kind of ridiculous. I remember thinking, go out and buy yourself a nice new package of socks after all, these are like 20 years old! You are a rich man for goodness sake! He is still out of control frugal but has saved a lot of money over the years, enough to own two homes. So of course he is on to something. If you save on the little things you can afford the big things.

Seven Reasons to Repair Clothes

  1. So your kid’s aren’t running around town with split seams, missing buttons, breezy knees, and exposed toes. They are from a good family, right?! 😉
  2. To save money. We have a couple holes in our comforter that I am planning to patch. How they got there I don’t know! Comforters can be expensive and patches will add character, don’t you think?
  3. To send love out into the world. Mending your family’s clothes is a caring expressing and when your kids outgrown them you give them away in wearable condition and pass that love along.
  4. To be environmentally friendly. Textiles take resources to make and ship. Use less by repairing what you have.
  5. To extend the life of favorite items. Have a moth hole in an expensive sweater or a rip in your favorite jeans? There are ways to make repairs that are hardly noticeable or make your item even cooler.
  6. To be creative. I don’t usually think of mending as creative but there are things that you can do with stitches and patches that are really fun. For ideas check out my new Pinterest board: Creative Mending.
  7. Because you can! Repairing clothes and other home textiles is empowering, solves a problem, builds your sewing skills, and makes you feel like a superhero. Your kids and spouse will be impressed, I promise!

Favorite Books about Mending

Here are a few picture books we love to go with a mending activity (images are Amazon affiliate links, thanks for supporting Doodles and Jots)…

Joseph’s overcoat keeps getting a new (and smaller) use as the fabric wears out in this richly illustrated folk tale.

This is such a beautiful story about how small pieces of fabric come together to keep an Appalachian girl warm.

This is more of a book about losing buttons but of course you can never lose all your buttons!

And if you are looking for an instructional, how to, reference book on creative mending this looks the ultimate!

* * *

Did I miss any benefits of mending? Please share!



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  1. I like the environmental one the most. (Check out “The Story of Stuff”) We throw out so much.

    I have another one to add:
    It is a good metaphor/reminder to repair other things in our lives, like relationships. Friendships, partnerships, etc sometimes need a little mending and it’s well worthwhile to do it. Whenever there is a rough patch, when we mend it, the fabric is stronger than before!

    Cheers! xo <3
    Kris recently posted..How to Lower Your Risk for Breast CancerMy Profile

  2. Again, I love the book selection. :) That Joseph book is so beautiful. We love it here!

    Yeah, I totally agree with you… but I’m terrible at sewing. Seriously awful at it. Thankfully my husband is the sewer here, so we’re able to fix things most of the time. :)
    Leslie recently posted..DIY Colorful Shoelaces!My Profile

    • Oh those are good ideas. My kids are the same, tall and slim, I am sure they will be glad when they are adults but for now they are so hard to fit.

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