Gingerbread Kids Craft

gingerbread kids craft

My kids love gingerbread cookies!

There’s a coffee shop and bakery near the theater they take classes at that makes the best gingerbread men with chocolate dip suits, yum! They play with them briefly before biting their heads off.

We get them anytime of the year but gingerbread has a special connection with Christmas doesn’t it? I’m not much of a baker, so I decided to make some out of paper.

Would you like to make some too?

Here’s how…

For each gingerbread man you will need 2 brown strips of construction paper 1 inch by 9 inches, a 1 inch pom pom, a stapler, white tempera paint and a brush.

  1. Fold one strip in half and loop the ends into the crease (as shown in image 1)
  2. Lightly fold the second strip in half, mark 1 inch from the fold, then align both ends with the crease from the first strip (as shown in image 2)
  3. Next align the crease from the first strip and end from the second strip with mark made in step 2 (as shown in image 3) and staple
  4. Dab white tempera paint along all the edges to create the look of frosting
  5. Once it is dry add a pom pom through the top loop to create the gingerbread man’s head.

You could also use the same technique to create little winter fairies in snowsuits. Use strips of different colors and instead of white tempera paint line their hoods and sleeves with glitter glue.

Hang them on your tree or use them to fill in any spot or surface not yet taken up by holiday decoration. What makes these gingerbread guys especially great is that they are super low in calories!

gingerbread kids craft instructions

Want more gingerbread ideas? Check out this felt set and this hand puppet both with printable templates. Do you like the classic gingerbread man story? My son loves it! I have to say I am not especially fond of the ending. This is probably why I like versions that veer away from the original story line.

My favorite is The Gingerbread Man Loose in School written by Laura Murray and illustrated by Mike Lowery. Do you have a favorite? Please share!



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    • Lol, I don’t bake much but last night I made scones and they came out great, I was pretty proud of myself!

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