Blizzard Book and Painting


My kids had four snow days last week thanks to the Blizzard of 2015. We got over two feet of snow and over four foot snow drifts. The kids had a blast digging tunnels. Needless to say our snow boots are lonely no more! Then we got more snow over the weekend and another snow day, an unprecedented five snow day in a row! The schools had to change there bus routes for the rest of this week since many of the side roads are only plowed for one lane of traffic and there are no sidewalks cleared. It is hard seeing around the bulldozed piles of snow at intersections. We are starting to see some melting as temperature creep up a little but I hear more snow is on the way! This is definitely the most snow I have seen on Cape Cod probably since the Blizzard of ’78. I don’t have especially strong memories from back then but John Rocco’s BLIZZARD helped bring some of them back.

BLIZZARD is written and illustrated by John Rocco. It is about his experience as a child in Rhode Island during the Blizzard of ’78. At first it is fun and exciting as school is let out early and the snow begins to pile up. He describes wondering if the snow will ever end and not being able to open the front door. I remember that too! Days and days go by without plow trucks and John and his family being to worry about running out of supplies. John discovers that because he is light he can walk on top of the snow with tennis rackets tied to his boots and sets out on an epic journey to the store stopping at neighbors’ houses along the way. It is a great book that demonstrated the power of nature and the power within each of us big and small! The illustrations are very kid friendly too.

As long as everyone and everything is safe I love a good natural disaster! They mix things up and remind us of what is important. A few years ago we lost power for a week following a hurricane. There were no devices and no lights after dark. Every evening we sat out on the porch and read and my husband played his guitar and sang. Then when it was dark we went to bed. John Rocco also wrote and illustrated the Caldecott Honor winning book BLACKOUT about the famous New York City blackout.

Of course losing power in the winter can be a whole lot more serious. Luckily we did not lose power last week. It is funny that we just happen to take BLIZZARD out of the library a week before last week’s storm and thought it might be the only way we get to experience snow this winter. Boy were we wrong!

Snow Storm Book and Art

Snow Storm Art

Snow is really beautiful during and right after it falls. It really transforms what we see, turning everything white or almost white. Reminds me of this post from way back. Why not create your own winter wonderland with paint!


Cereal box, lots of white tempera paint, a drop of some other colors like brown, green, blue, and black, craft sticks for mixing, several small dishes, and an assortment of brushes (I like a big oval wash brush to create a soft fluffy snow effect)


  1. Cut up your cereal box (one cereal box with give you 2 large, sturdy, non-white surfaces to paint on)
  2. Squirt a teeny drop of each color into a separate dishes of white paint then mix
  3. Look at snow storms on Google Images to get a feel for what a storm looks like then start painting!

Do you have a favorite book about snow? Please share!



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    • Thanks for sharing. This snow is crazy! We didn’t get much with the second big storm but I think there is even another storm on the way!

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