Crochet Pattern for Marker Case

Besides my wallet, phone, and and other vital do-dads there is always a book to read, sketchbook, and at least a pen or pencil but I prefer a full assortment of colors in my bag at all times (especially during Tinker Sketch month)! I just recently bough a pack of Crayola Pip-Squeaks for myself since they are nice and compact and available at CVS. The case they came in isn’t bad in that the plastic seems durable but there is no closure so they are always falling out and into my bag. It is even kind of hard to get them in and out because of the cardboard insert and there always seems to be one more marker than there is room for. So I decided to make a travel bag for them that would convert into a pen jar during use.

Marker Case Crochet Pattern

It is a slim fitting cylindrical bag with a drawstring you can tie for travel and when you are ready to use your markers, open it, fold over the gray cuff, and the bag converts into an upright pen jar. It is a very easy project built in the round that you can finish in a couple hours. Want to make one too, for yourself or as a thoughtful, semi-handmade creative gift?

Here is what you’ll need… 

Medium weight black yarn for the bottom, sock weight charcoal yarn for the top, 5 mm hook, 3 mm hook, and a set of 16 Crayola Pip-Squeak Skinnies (of course you can modify this pattern for any marker set)

Here’s how…

  1. With medium weight black yarn and 5 mm hook, chain 4 and slip stitch into first chain to create a small loop
  2. Round 1: into the loop add 8 single crochets (8 sc for round 1)
  3. Round 2: 2 single crochets into each single crochet (16 sc for round 2)
  4. Round 3: 1 single crochet into first single crochet, 2 single crochets into second single crochet, and repeat (24 sc for round 3)
  5. Round 4: 1 single crochet into first 2 single crochet, 2 single crochets into third single crochet, and repeat pattern (32 sc for round 4)
  6. Round 5-19: 1 single crochet into each single crochet and repeat for 15 rounds, in last sc in round 19 add a slip stitch, cut, and loop through to knot (32 sc for rounds 5-19)
  7. Round 20-25: Continue around with the sock weight yarn and the 3 mm hook with 1 DOUBLE crochet in each single crochet for 6 rounds (32 dc for rounds 20-25); this creates a lighter more flexible material for cuffing.
  8. The last step is to cut 2 – 24 inch lengths of black medium weight yarn, thread them in opposite directions in the top row of double crochets, and knot the ends to create a 2 hand pull drawstring closure.

This pattern has been translated into Danish! Check it out here. Inge Burgaard is an accomplished crocheter! Check out more of her projects which include lots of amigurumi here.

I am really enjoying crocheting lately. It is the perfect cozy up on the couch activity for a wintry day like today. The pattern for the mini tote I created has recently exploded on Pinterest and has made me want to share more of my ideas so stay tuned! There will be more original patterns coming soon so if you don’t want to miss out consider subscribing to email updates, there is even a free gift, learn more here.



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    • My grandmother taught me when I was about 5 years old. She made some amazing things like matching capes, bags, and hats for my sister and I and a beautiful granny square bedspread.

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