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My kids love PRESS HERE and it is so simple, but it is magic. Each page has a simple instruction like “press here” or “shake the book” and these actions cause things to happen on the next page. The magic seemed to work for everybody, young and old. Well Hervé Tullet has brought his magic back this time with color mixing! You start with tapping to invite all the shy colors to play. Then you learn to mix the primaries into secondaries through several different fun book interactions. By the end of the book you have a pretty good understanding of how color mixing works and I can almost guarantee you will want to get out your paints and continue the fun!

Here is Hervé Tullet’s video intro for the book. I just think he is the coolest!

And here is a video interview about the book. I love what he says about not making a distinction between kids and grown-ups!

Finger painting with primaries would be a great activity to go along with MIX IT UP! Here is a simple set from Crayola on Amazon.

CMYK Color Wheel “Paint with Water” Printable

If it is not the right time for getting messy I have a color mixing printable for you and it is super cool! Have you ever notice that your inkjet printer cartridges use cyan, magenta, and yellow as primaries instead of blue, red, and yellow? Well they work to mix all the colors of the rainbow even better! Here is an intro to the CMYK color model from Wikipedia.

Printable CMYK Color Wheel Activity

Print the following PDF: Color with Water Wheel on watercolor paper (which works MUCH better than printer paper or card stock). I used 90 lb paper that I cut down to 8.5 X 11. Here is an Amazon link to the exact paper I used which worked great. Next take a wet medium size brush and lift the colored lines at each semicircle by going over the area several times with a circular motion. Make sure to rinse your brush between colors. Once complete, set aside to dry, then label your colors. Here is how I labeled mine. Cyan, magenta, and yellow are the primaries. Blue, red, and green are the secondaries. Boy is that hard to get used to!

CMYK Color Wheel

From three colors you can mix a rainbow!

At the end of our rainbow was MIX IT UP but I am including several other books we like for St. Paddy’s day (images are Amazon links)…

St. Patrick’s Day Book List for Kids

First up is GREEN by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. This book with cut-outs is a calm painterly celebration of all different shades of green.

Next is GOOD LUCK BEAR by Greg Foley. Many animals try and help this bear find a four left clover in this fun and funny book. Will he be lucky and find one? Read the book! Then make some lucky links of green.

Now, how about an Irish author! My daughter especially loves Oliver Jeffer’s ONCE UPON AN ALPHABET. There is an entertaining short story for each letter in this book. But be warned, mistakes are made and a tea cup breaks!

Patricia Polacco shares another beautifully told and illustrated family story in FIONA’s LACE. The handmade lace in this immigrant story plays a key role in bringing family together and providing hope for the future.

And last but not least is an oldie but a goodie. This book is a very thorough yet fun introduction to Ireland including the people, the geography, its history and landmarks. It would be a great book if you wanted to plan a trip. Read about my visit here.

* * *

I have discovered some great picture books thanks to the recommendations of my fellow Picture Book of the Day bloggers. Follow along by liking Doodles and Jots on Facebook! What is at the end of your rainbow? Please share! Links welcomed.



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    • Thanks Elisa!
      The printable really only works on watercolor paper. I don’t know if printer paper and card stock have some kind of binder on the their surface or what.

  1. This is a gorgeous graphic and informative too, genius.
    I love Oliver Jeffers so much, the alphabet book is a favourite.
    I remember reading the Press Here book and we have Herve Tullet’s Colouring Book and it is so good!
    Clare recently posted..‘I like’ Fridays.My Profile

    • Thanks Clare!
      We love Oliver Jeffers too. I get a kick out of reading some of the negative reviews on Amazon. Apparently that tea cup breaking was too much for some, lol.

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