My Tinker Sketch Month

I just finish up Tinker Lab’s Sketchbook Challenge for February and I thought it would be fun to share all my sketches here and see them all together. I really enjoyed it. My kids even participated but they both got the stomach bug near the end so they weren’t able to finish. I wanted to tie all mine together in some way so I decided to make them all animals which was a little hard with a few of the prompts especially “bubble letters” and “one word”. I did my best though and finished all 28 by the 28th!

Tinker Sketch Roundup 1

1) Stripes: construction paper and tempera zebra 2) Mirror: construction paper and tempera swan 3) Clear Tape: packing tape and gouache butterfly 4) Squirt Paint: gouache and drinking straw jellyfish

Tinker Sketch Roundup 2

5) Tiny Doodle: foam bird stamp with ink and gouache sunset 6) Bubble Letters: construction paper and gouache blowfish 7) Repeat Repeat Repeat: gouache toy poodle playing fetch 8) Fairytale: construction paper and gouache dragon

Tinker Sketch Roundup 3

9) Sponge: tempera sponge print and gouache fish 10) One Word: furry fur in gouache 11) Flourish: construction paper, tempera, and gouache peacock 12) Bounce: gouache frog

Tinker Sketch Roundup 4

13) Tissue: tissue paper and color pencil elephant 14) Stamp: foam stamp with tempera and glitter glue tracks in the snow 15) Ink Splots: construction paper and gouache octopus 16) Corners: gouache puppy

Tinker Sketch Roundup 5

17) Silouette: construction paper snake 18) Junkmail: junkmail and construction paper lion 19) Miniature: gouache hummingbird 20) Fat Paint Brush: tempera hippo

Tinker Sketch Roundup 6

21) Curvy: construction paper and gouache seahorse 22) Rainbow: gouache cameleon 23) Layers: gouache arctic hare 24) Upsidedown: pen and color pencil sloth

TinkerSketch Roundup 7

25) Thin & Thick: flamingo with magic markers 26) Breakfast: hen with magic markers 27) Dots: gouache ladybug 28) Torn Paper: pastel paper Leo Lionni Fredrick

I was really tempted to sign up for Tinker Sketch again in March but truthfully it did take a fair amount of time between coming up with an idea, executing, documenting, sharing, and liking/commenting on fellow participants artwork. I am glad I did it though and my fellow artists were a big inspiration to me. It also reminded me I can be disciplined and finish a project. Plus it got me drawing and/or painting nearly everyday! To see how others interpreted these daily promps check out #tinkersketch on Instagram and to see some of my kids’ entries check out #tinkersketchann.

Thanks Clare, I probably wouldn’t have participated if you hadn’t written about it. Also if any of you out there enjoy hand drawn lettering, Clare is hosting a challenge this month and there is probably still time to get on board. Learn more here!



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    • Thanks Mia! I kind of surprised myself, hey, I can still paint and draw! I haven’t really done much of it in a while.

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